Syma S107G Review and Video


Looking to try out the famous Syma S107G? We did it for you!
Taking it's rightful place as the top selling remote control helicopter, the Syma S107G has some serious potential behind it. It sizes in at 7.5 inches and when combined with the gyroscopic control, the helicopter is plenty stable enough to fly comfortably in your home. It is a designated indoor helicopter and as soon as you fly into direct sunlight the helicopter will likely go dead. This should not sway you since this bad boy is one of the most enjoyable helicopters we have played with. This is the king of the starter RC world and I believe that the S107G review below will show you why!

Syma S107G Review Video

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Video Transcript

Hey there this is Chase from We have our newest review for the Syma S107G, we are going to show it off today. We are excited to play around with it a little bit. It is a pretty cool little helicopter and we are going to feature it on our site for a couple of weeks. I am going to talk about some different benefits and a little about how it looks. To start, it is a great little heli from the outside with its all metal construction. It has a very simple 3 direction controller and we look forward to showing it to you in motion.

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So this is the takeoff of a Syma S107G with an expanded battery pack. I look forward to seeing it fly!

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I would like to note that we do have the air conditioning running on full so that we could give you a feeling of how well it flies in a normal household with wind. I believe you can see how well it handles. I have pretty good control and I can control it fairly well. I would like to show you the 3 Channels of motion that make up this helicopter. We have forward and reverse. In the forward direction it can build some nice speed. There is also the up and down. It can go down pretty quickly and then stabilize as you see. The copter also turns left and right to help you change directions. These make up the main channels of motion.

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This is an awesome helicopter and handles really well indoors even in heavy air conditioning. A lot of helicopters do not handle this well. A massive bonus of this helicopter is the all metal construction which lets it handle really well and take a beating. This is a truly fun copter to play with and we suggest making it your first RC copter purchase. We look forward to seeing you on the site and please bring your comments. Feel free to post on our website and thanks for watching our video! Check out