It has been over 75 years since VS-300, the first flying helicopter, took flight from Stratford, Connecticut. Using the same principles of flight as our ancestors, the use of a primary lift rotor and a directional tail rotor, we have managed to compress the amazing capability of vertical flight and helicopter propulsion into the form factor that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is a common misconception that RC stands for Remote Control, but in reality it means Radio Control. While some in home copters use infrared sensors as well as a remote, most copters use radio waves because the range increases up to 1 mile rather than the 30ft of an infrared sensor.

Originally designed as a way to test out new helicopter designs, eary RC Helicopters were only for the most serious of hobbyists. The equipmet used to control the helicopter could barely fit in the back of a pickup truck. Times and technolies have changed. Today we see a unique and diverse array of RC helicopters that is nothing less than amazing. From $10 toys to accurate scale replicas that cost tens of thousands to build, there is a model RC Helicopter for everyone!