Syma S107G Battery


The Syma S107g is an awesome helicopter. It does an awesome job in getting intrigue from the whole family. However, the initial battery that comes loaded with it is a 150mAh battery which provides about 7 minutes of flight. The Batterries which we use in this video are 240mAh which fills exponentially. This means that the flight time over doubles to 15 minutes. This is an excellent way to get a lot more use out of an old helicopter.

Syma S107G Battery Replacement Video

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Instructions Broken Down

Parts Needed:
Soddering Iron and Kit
240 mAh Battery
Wire Cippers
Electical Tape

Removal Phase
For the first step, you are going to be removing the battery. In the video, we isolated the four main screws that secure the canopy and removed them. Once the canopy is off, dislodge the battery as seen in the video. Then proceed to clip the wires close to the battery. Safely discard the battery as required by state law.

Attachment Phase
The second step is going to require the ability to sodder. The Soddering Kit that we link to sells the best Iron for the price and includes plenty of instructions for new sodderers. To break it down, you need to prep the wire by carefully pulling back the rubber covering. Then proceed to connect the wires in a way to secure a solid joint. For these thin wires this means you can twist them to guarrantee that you have a solid contact. Tin your iron tip and apply adequate tin to solidify the conntection. For more information consult the guide included in the iron kit.

Assembly Phase
Once the joints are secured proceed to tape them for safety. Then resecure the battery a little behind where it was. This will help retain balance. The heavier battery will require a little more lift to take off and a misplaced battery may prevent takeoff. Once resecured, the canopy can be reinstalled. The new battery will likely be larger than the old one so it may take a little work to fit the canopy around it.