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#1 Eachine Racer 250

Eachine Racer 250 Amazon.com

Best Deal!

The Eachine Racer 250 is extremely fast and is an excellent machine all around. It features greater than average specifications and fantastic range. Listed as many enthusiasts' favorite of any prebuilt and scratch built multirotor drones, this is consistently rated as better than competitors that have $50 higher pricepoints. With specially designed Polyamide+Glass-Fiber construction, this drone can take a beating, and each part is easily replaceable, meaning you can get back in the air in no time.


7" Wide-Angle High-Brightness Display
Long distance remote control with high sensitivity and responsive controls
Blisteringly fast


Less than 10 minutes of flight at full speed
Potentially problematic charge cycle.
No VR headset

FPV drone racing is a recent sport that began in Australia in which pilots control a drone with a forward-facing camera mounted on the front. This video feed is either directed to the controller or a virtual reality headset. The race is in the style of a time trial, with floating checkpoints that must be flown through in order in the shortest amount of time. Very rarely these are run as normal races, but the risk of crashing and damaging the fragile drones is greatly increased in this style race and is therefore very rarely seen.

New Zealand coined the term Rotorcross, but 'FPV Drone Racing' is used most often by hobby enthusiasts.

With the possible upcoming addition of 360-degree cameras, the potential for full projected virtual reality is there, but currently wireless technology doesn't permit for adequate quality video streams in this format.

Unlike photography drones, which are designed to hover, FPV racing drones are designed to fly forwards and turn very aggressively. The designs allow for exceptional speeds, but require extremely skilled pilots with quick reactions. Many racing leagues offer the sport in open environments, with minimal obstacles. Obstacles are usually flags and cones which offer greater safety to the drone; however some leagues design courses with walls and tunnels that lead to crashes very often. This is all part of the sport, and users should base their race type on the budget for their drone.

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#2 ImmersionRC Vortex 285

ImmersionRC Vortex 285 Amazon.com


With a full carbon-fiber, aluminum, and plastic design, the ImmersionRC Vortex 285 is amazingly light and fast. With specially designed fracture points, all the stress of a crash goes to the plastic parts which come in an awesomely cheap kit for quick and easy replacements. It even features the ability to plug directly into ones PC and adjust settings there.


5.8GHz, 40 channel transmitter eliminates radio interference
Carbon fiber and molded plastic design
Performs exceptionally


Support for repairs on internal components unsupported
Fragile PCB board and LED display board
Very difficult to fly; requires expert piloting

#3 Blade Mach 25

Blade Mache 25 Amazon.com

Easiest to Fly!

The Blade Mach 25 is the easiest to fly out of this list, as it comes with SAFE technology, Blade's proprietary flight assist feature. With multiple modes for SAFE, a pilot can choose from heavy assists to raw input. A vibration dampening carbon fiber camera mount help to maintain perfect vision in even the most intense of races. Tool free propellor replacement and a carbon fiber/aluminum body make for a sturdy and easy to fix FPV drone.


Great design and materials
SAFE technology with multiple modes allows for much easier flight
Carbon fiber & aluminum body with tool-free propeller replacement
Vibration dampening carbon fiber camera mount


Rumor has it that a Ham Radio license is require because of the proprietary camera system
This kit does not include a controller or headset
This kit does not include a compatible charger


Arris FPV250 Amazon.com

Least Expensive!

The Arris FPV250 is the least expensive in this list without being a DIY kit. Although this does support many DIY features, it is nearly ready to fly. You need only have your own radio controller and transmitter for the drone and a battery. With a carbon/glass fiber weave this drone is fairly light and is an amazing deal. The frame is exceptionally durable and fairly crash resistant. Easily upgradeable blades make this an excellent option for modification, and 6" blades make this a very fast FPV drone.


Fast and customizable with many upgrade options
Minimal upgrading makes this FPV drone a speed racer
Awesome cross between entry level and DIY FPV drones
Widely compatible with many different parts


Not 'noobie' friendly
Inexpensive controller feels disappointing
12V camera instead of 5V, directly wired into power shared with motors: high interference

#5 ARRIS X-Speed FPV 250

Arris X-Speed FPV 250 Amazon.com

Highly customizable!

Fully carbon fiber. Fully assembled. Full power distribution board. The Arris X-Speed FPV 250 is ready to fly right away, and leaves tons of room to upgrade while still being an amazing FPV racing drone without upgrading.


Integrated PDB reduces wiring problems
The issue of some 250-class instability issues is resolved with a damper plate on this build
Pure carbon fiber build is incredibly light and strong


Potentially long ship time from China
Little flight assistance requires expert piloting
Lack of documentation on parts and programming

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