Syma S109


The Syma S109 is really a great beginner's helicopter. This radio controlled helicopter is extremely light weight and durable. It can withstand several crashes without any problems at all. The helicopter can only be flown indoors due to the sensitivity of it's infrared receiver. Sunlight and harsh synthetic lights can block the receiver rendering the helicopter useless. In an indoor environment, the helicopter is a dream to fly, even within confined areas. Over all, this copter has earned a rating of 83 out of 100 points on our Top Six Beginner's Helicopter Review Chart After many crashes, it has definitely earned its top spot as a Best Remote Control Helicopter on our Remote Control Helicopter Review List.

Syma S109 Review Video

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Video Transcript

"Jake here from Today we are doing a review of the Syma S109 Apache helicopter. A radio controlled helicopter great for beginner users. Coaxial , so its very stable. You can hover it pretty easily. It has 6 degrees of motion. Pitch, yaw, power, so up down left, right backwards and forwards. It is really tough to break this copter. We have crashed it several times and it’s still going strong.

We noticed that you have about 6 to 10 minutes of usage from a 30 minute charge. Out of the box, it comes with the helcipoter, battery already installed; the 3.5 channel remote, charging cord and directions.

Let’s go ahead and get her started up and show you how it works. Jake again from We are reviewing the Syma S109. Again it is a very lightweight and durable helicopter. Radio controlled helicopter, 8.5 inches long. Now this is a strictly indoor use only helicopter for two reasons. First reason is because of the 4 in 1 infrared receiver, which can easily be jammed from harsh light such as the sun. So as soon as you take it outside it’s pretty much dead in the water. It will stop working right away. The second reason is because it is so light weight it can really be affected by air currents. So you even have to be careful when using the copter inside because the air conditioning can affect it as well.

So let’s get it started up here. See how it flies. As you can see, very stable. You can hover it around very easily. The air conditioning is on now, so it is pushing it a little bit. A lot of fun. You have the LED lights which make it a lot of fun in the nighttime. So do yourself a favor and go get the Syma S109 radio controlled helicopter."