Syma F3


The Syma F3 is an awesome copter that flies excellently. We took it outside on a windy day to put it to the test. While it was not possible to fly directly into the wind, we were able to fly at a 45degree angle using the roll capabilities of the copter. Over all, this copter has earned a FIVE out of FIVE and has taken its place as the Best Remote Control Helicopter on our Remote Control Helicopter Review List.

Syma F3 Review Video

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Video Transcript

"Hey there! Welcome to Best RC Copters! We are now reviewing the Syma F3 one of the newer models from the awesome Syma Company. We are really happy with the performance of this model. This one in Particular is radio Controlled 2.4 GHz which gives you up to 100 m of control. We won’t be able to test that today because of the winds but you can take our word for that.

This model has a 150mah battery 3.7v which is a standard but it is a Syma Trademarked version so you have to buy theirs. You will get 9 minutes of flight time out of it which is really great. We have 2 of them and have been out here for about 20 minutes already.

So today we are going to look at the total performance of this model. This is a 4 Ch. Model so we will be able to see the pitch, the yaw, the roll, and the thrust all in action with this model. So that all being said, let’s go ahead and see it in action.

Remember, it is pretty windy out here and it is a little copter so it might be taken by the wind but I will do my best to keep it in the camera view. It is a powerful engine and we have beat it up yet it is still together and doing great. You do have to be careful about overheating the engine though


As we use it, it is windy sorry about that, we can see it is a powerful motor and it can handle the wind really well. Hopefully I can keep it in the camera field. We have the yaw which is the left and right rotation, the pitch which takes it back and forth, and the thrust going up and down and with its range it is quite fun to use.

Also, most importantly for me, this copter has roll letting us go left and right in little bits at a time. As you can see it is pretty windy out here and we still have great control at low and medium altitudes. At high altitudes you can see it gets caught in the wind like that and you have to take it down some and be careful at that height. Like I said this copter is very powerful and I can’t suggest enough picking this copter up and we have had a great time with it. Syma makes some really great products and we highly recommend this copter."