RC Camera Helicopters

#1 DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quad-copter- Best Pre-Built Solution

The Phantom 2 Vision Plus is the best Quad on the market with the best load of features. This Quad will fly for half an hour on a single battery and using the built in First Person View and a smartphone this long charge will give you time to travel up to a mile away. Other features include GPS Control which will guide the copter back to you if it gets out of range of the remote. In all but catastrophic cases, GPS will lower the quad to the ground in an emergency. In addition, there are dozens of mods for this quad which allow for attaching a GoPro Hero3 and using other modifications to stream that to a pair of Virtual reality goggles to make you feel like you are in the sky. This copter is packed with an amazing amount of features and is by far the most capable commercial drone on the market. The Vision Standard is significantly cheaper, but is more limited in uses.

    DJI Phantom 2 Classification: Advanced- FPV Quad-Copter

  1. Outdoor Flight Only
  2. Battery can be replaced, allows for consecutive flights
  3. Largest Barrier of Entry: Time and Money
  4. Awesome Functional uses
  5. Learn More about Classifications
  1. GPS Control
  2. Long Flight (25min+)
  3. FPV
  4. Ultra HD Recording
  5. Ease of Use
  6. Extreme Range
  7. Amazing Photgraphs
  1. Priced Fairly but Expensive
  2. Can be nerve racking
    if something goes wrong

#2 MJX F645 F45+ GoPro- Best Helicopter Solution

The MJX F645 has made it on a number of our lists because of its overall usefulness. It succeeds in bridging the gap between high powered larger copters and affordable trainers. It is the gateway to the larger helis. The Size allows it to carry a GoPro Hero 3 with only some slight modifications. This gives it full HD recording capabilities while keeping the agility of a single rotor. The addition of the camera does make the MJX F45 a little more nose heavy which allows for some awesome speed achievements and some really good arial photography. Using other GoPro hardware like the WiFi BacPac and any smartphone, You can also live Stream your flight to your phone! Which can make some nauseatingly good videos.

MJX F45 Classification: - Intermediate Hobbyist Gyroscopic

  • Outdoor Flight Reccomended
  • Parts are Replacable and Upgradeable
  • Battery can be replaced, allows for consecutive flights
  • Larger Barier of Entry: Time and Money
  • Customization is Reccomended
  • Learn More about Classifications
    1. Features
    2. GoPro Camera
    3. Exchangeable Parts
    4. Consecutive Flights
    5. Challenging Flight
    6. Veally good for Videos
    1. Less Suited to Photography
    2. Less Stable
    3. Camera does not move
    4. ~200m Range max

    #3 Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Easiest to Fly

    This is the most marketed RC copter that has been ever produced, and there is a reason behind that. It is one of the easiest to fly and most entertaining. The initial cost is closer to the Intermediate level, but the time input is more beginner if not toy class. The amount of entertainment is endless and it is easily accessible. The parrot uses a built in wifi system to stream the controls straight from an iphone like a video game. The Parrot AR 2.0 is also equipped with a 720p HD camera that does quite well at capturing the essence of the flight. While the wifi range is a little short for most people, the ease of use compared to specialized controllers and special monitors is awesome. It takes almost no set up time allowing you to take it out for short runs rather than dedicating sections of your day to it.

      Parrot AR 2.0 Classification: Toy- Intermediate Hobbyist Quad-copter

    1. Outdoor Flight Recommended
    2. Parts are Replaceable and Upgradeable
    3. Battery can be replaced, allows for consecutive flights
    4. Larger Barrier of Entry: Time and Money
    5. Customization is Recommended
    6. Learn More about Classifications
    1. 720P HD Camera
    2. Smartphone Controls
    3. Rapid Set Up
    4. High Durability
    5. Consecutive Flights
    6. Publicly well Regarded
    1. Parrot Part Mark UP
    2. Limited range

    #4 Syma X5C 2.4GHz RC Explorer- Best Priced

    The X5C is a low price access to the field of quad-copters and drones. It mixes decent size, high durability, camera access, and style into a very simple form factor. It carries a style reminiscent of the Phantom 2 but just simplifies everything. It flies up to 100m in clear view, and has some awesome agility. the camera is not meant for photography but more for viewing purposes. It can be simply adapted with high mp cameras to give some medium photography uses. As a whole, it is an awesome introduction to the field because it combines the agility of the more pricey models with some high class durability. The batteries go for 3$ each and provide 5 minutes of flight which is an awesome combination. This copter has excellent ratings for stability.

      DFD F180 Classification: Toy- Quad-copter

    1. Indoor Flight Recommended
    2. Parts are irreplaceable
    3. Low Barrier of Entry: Time and Money
    4. Learn More about Classifications
    1. 480P Camera
    2. High Durability
    3. Consecutive Flights
    4. Price
    1. Short Flights
    2. Wind disrupts it easily
    3. Not High Quality Picture or Video

    #5 Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter--DIY Solution!

    The Syma S107G is the most sold RC helicopter because it is extremely stable and very cheap. The Syma 107G can be very easily modified to allow for standard definition or high definition cameras. Our reccomended kit is the HD Kit which can be used on any future copter you buy. Alternatively there are cheaper solutions such as this SD Camera. These items attached to a super stable gyro helicopter can be used for some really fun indoor adventures and get some great photos around your home!

      Syma S107/S107G Classification: Toy- Coaxial Gyroscopic

    1. Indoor Flight Reccomended
    2. Parts are irreplacable
    3. Low Barier of Entry: Time and Money
    4. Learn More about Classifications
    1. Pick any
      camera you want!
    2. Rapid Charging
    3. Portable
    4. Price
    5. Ease of Use
    1. Suited For Indoor Flight
    2. Must be Charged
      in between uses